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Posted on Friday July 27, 2012; comments

A post-graduate student at Oxford University designed the website Marblar, which can be best described as the “Facebook for inventors”. The networking site is targeted to investors to connect and share ideas with other scientists, and to explore the commercial application of inventions.

For consumers, the benefits are obvious - great minds working together to generate better, more innovative technological applications. However, what are the implications for scientists and the scientific process? How will confidentiality be regarded on the site?

What do you think? Does the networking platform have more positive or negative aspects?

Source: The Telegraph

Posted on Tuesday July 3, 2012; comments (1)

In our news article “Invisible Children to sue Kickstriker,” we mention that Invisible Children threatens to sue Kickstriker for allegedly infringing their trademark names.  Invisible Children’s core mission is to support children, shouldn’t the organization then be more concerned about continuing development in areas of need, as opposed to suing for infringement where none has taken place? 

Posted on Tuesday June 19, 2012; comments (2)

As stated in our article on EasierAccessToPatentsForMicroEntities, the USPTO has planned to  reduce micro entities’ costs by 50% for “filing, searching, examining, issuing, appealing and maintaining patent application and patents”.

Posted on Tuesday June 19, 2012; comments

In our article “TheNextPatentBoxRegime: TheUK”, we review the plans by the UK to join the Patent Box regime by 2013.

Posted on Thursday May 31, 2012; comments

Since Facebook’s IPO on may 18th, the company has experienced some great set backs. From pending law suits due to lack of full financial disclosure, to a share price drop of roughly 23%, from $38 per share to $29.2 per share. The latter translates into a loss in value of $24 billion in the span of a week.