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Brands in Secondhand Stores

post Thursday December 6, 2012


In China, a new trend in shopping is rising and a new type of shopper has emerged, the kind which wants luxury but for a low price. Consequently, more and more second hand shops oriented on brand name clothes are opening. These stores sell, rent, or repair new or barely used luxury goods for a reasonably low price.

Even though stores selling second hand luxury goods existed also in the past; owners only recently started to use their own logos as well. Previously customers used to be ashamed for buying used goods. However, with the emergence of the new shopping trend, it seems that recycling of the brands is more and more popular. Therefore, the number of stores offering second hand luxury goods has significantly increased and their clientele is expanding.

There is a crucial difference between the Asian view on second hand luxury goods and the rest of the world. The underlying purpose for selling these items is not to gain additional money. Rather it is the love for fashion that motivates these people. The stores significantly differ from everyday thrift stores; they only offer high quality and barely used goods such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Herm├Ęs bags. The price range is also adjusted adequately, the cheapest bag starting from $320.

Source: Jing Daily

Image source: Free Digital Photos

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