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How does Apple inspire customers?

Posted on Tuesday February 5, 2013

As Apple's product line stabilizes, it faces many challenges from competitors seeking to win away customers with new and updated versions of similar products. Samsung, Google and Microsoft continue to be strong competitors across many arenas and other start-up ventures are shifting the young audience to new technology applications and products. Apple's main brand strenght, other than quality products, is the high level of creativity and innovation that inspires customers. How do you see this changing and evolving as Apple grows and its brand evolves?

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Comments on 'How does Apple inspire customers?' (5)

Shouldn't it be "How does Apple un-inspire customers?"

The trouble with Apple is that they seem to outgrown their original principals. I was an avid Apple fan and customer back in the 1980s when Apple offered an alternative to the IBM platform, but then they started to go down the same path as the companies they originally set out to compete with. iTunes was the last straw for me as Apple's attitude of locking you into Apple's products and systems began to take hold, eliminating free choice as a consumer. This, couple with recent disasters, such as Apple Maps and the blocking of Java a few weeks ago leaves me convinced that Apple is un-inspiring more customers than it is inspiring... And the recent drop in Apple's share price reflects the fact that not only are customers becoming un-inspired, but so too are investors. What Apple needs to do is begin to rethink and be innovative in how it can reinvent its culture so it remains innovative while also giving consumers the choice rather than locking them into an Apple based view of the world...

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