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Chinese Practitioner’s Guide in Transfer Pricing

post Friday March 7, 2014

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Looking for transfer pricing materials in Chinese? Meet the new Chinese Practitioner’s Guide in Transfer Pricing now published in e-Bright’s bookstore. Completely written in Chinese Mandarin, this book provides an overview of several transfer pricing cases, working as a reference for all kinds of Chinese-speaking users dealing with transfer pricing.

The Guide’s materials are suitable for consultation primarily for tax professionals, managers and elements of tax authorities. There is a large number of cases figured in the piece that help the reader analyse comparable situations, enhancing the reader’s understanding of tax authority paradigms on transfer pricing cases, as well as the reader’s overall perspective of inter-jurisdictional taxation.

A global business vision

The Guide understands the vision and the global strategies of today’s businesses. In a quest for competitive advantages and global expansion, ambitious firms naturally come across the option of international investment and eventually must deal with transfer pricing. The Guide deals with an array of related topics, including the various types of inter-company transactions, intellectual property, business restructuring and valuation, and customs.

How can a group deal with stakeholders including tax authorities, investors, competitors and managers in the multinational enterprise? What are the pragmatic standards in the ever-changing matter of transfer prices? The book engages these and other questions growing on real transfer pricing cases.

A joint production of TPA Global and e-Bright

The Guide finds its backbone in the expertise of seasoned transfer pricing professional and CEO of TPA Global Group, Steef Huibregtse and transfer pricing expert Ling Zhang. The Guide is offered by e-Bright, a leading online e-learning platform dedicated to transfer pricing. This book may be used in conjunction with e-Bright’s offer of transfer pricing courses, as complementary student material.

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