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EU Urges Albania to improve IP Protection

post Wednesday May 22, 2013


Recently, the European Union has urged Albania to increase its active protection of intellectual property on a national level. In addition to the suggestions and recommendations from the EU, Albania will also receive support in a variety of forms. The support will consist of financial support, implementation of best practices for protecting intellectual property and assistance in expanding the legislation to protect intangibles. The combination of these various activities and assistance from the EU should lead to positive economic growth and a more competitive marketplace for attracting foreign investment and business activity.

Safet Sula, Albania’s patent and trademark director, has repeatedly praised the EU for their assistance and has made it clear that the aid that has been provided and will be provided is invaluable in Albania’s efforts to fully and effectively protect intellectual property and become more competitive in the global economy. Sula said, “now we are equipped with computers for the administration. We have also printed thousands of flyers to sensitise businesses and consumers on the importance of differentiating between original and fake goods.”
Following the major legislation changes that were introduced in 2007, Albania has made concerted efforts to eradicate counterfeit products from the market. Most of the products are imported from China and nearby Turkey. After the legislation was enacted, punishment for intellectual property theft resulted in up to two years imprisonment. Additionally, the Albanian government will be implementing a market control inspectorate to enforce the laws that have been in place and will hopefully be more effective in protecting the intellectual property. There have been positive results for the changes that have been made. The customs authority has destroyed over 10,000 counterfeited goods in recent years.
In spite of the positive changes, there are questions of overall effectiveness surrounding Albania’s efforts. There still has not been a single sentencing for theft of intellectual or industrial property. Another issue is the lack of participation from those who own the intellectual property in Albania. These changes have had some positive effects but there are many challenges ahead for this country as they seek to become a more desirable location for foreign investment.
Source:SE Times
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