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IPR Plaza certified by Smarter-Companies as ICountants

post Friday April 26, 2013


Today, IPR Plaza announced they have recently been certified by Smarter-Companies as ICountants, experts in management of intangible capital that drives performance and value in today’s progressive organizations. 

ICountants are necessary because most companies are stuck using accounting and management tools that were optimized for the industrial era that ended years ago - leading to slowed growth, blocked innovation and inaccurate corporate value. Steef Huibregtse, CEO of IPR Plaza said “With so much attention and value being attributed to an organization’s intangible capital, knowing how to measure, manage and monetize intangibles more effectively will be vital to the future value of any business. The Smarter-Companies solutions and tools are the first steps to learning how.”

Mary Adams, CEO of Smarter-Companies said, “Every company needs an ICountant to get a holistic view of the intangibles that make up 80% of their corporate value.“ICountant is a new professional designation focused on the skills and knowledge desperately needed in organizations to manage companies in a smarter way. This hidden wealth is key to success in the Social Era.”  Steef Huibregtse, CEO of  IPR Plaza, recognizes these shifts and has equipped IPR Plaza to help its clients capture the intangible wealth that has historically been unrecognized and under-utilized.

With more and more emphasis shifting to value creation from intangibles, organizations worldwide are looking for ways to optimize these invisible assets. Working with Smarter-Companies, IPR Plaza now has the tools and training to address those needs for any organization. Steef Huibregtse said “Today buyers are deciding not only on product functions, features and price but sellers’ knowledge, skills and Smarter-Companies solutions.”

IPR Plaza will be launching its full Smarter-Companies solutions through webinars and other distribution channels, with a group of more than 15 Smarter-Companies professionals. This experienced IPR Plaza team is being backed up with a pool of senior professionals in the areas: tax, legal, transfer pricing, HR, change management, valuation, accounting, location selection, investment incentives & subsidies and other business solutions.


Eveline Noordhoek,,

About IPR Plaza:

IPR Plaza is a web-based portal that bridges multiple disciplines by providing free-of-charge qualitative and quantitative information on intangibles.  IPR Plaza is empowered by different leading IP advisory firms.  IPR Plaza is headquartered in the Netherlands with representation in other major countries. Please visit

About Smarter-Companies:

Smarter-Companies hosts a community of over 450 international academics, business professionals and government officials collaborating together to learn about the value that intangible capital contributes to organizations and economies worldwide. The community offers open source ICounts Index tools, live and on-demand interviews with experts from around the globe and a library of reference materials and media by subject matter. Membership to the community is currently free to interested parties and is located at

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