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Kansas the Number One State for Intellectual Property

post Wednesday September 26, 2012


Among the findings of a U.S Chamber of Commerce study: Kansas is ranked highest in the U.S when it comes to jobs that are supported by intellectual property. Kansas is the new home for innovation in America.

In a guest blog on the U.S Chamber’s website, Gov. Sam Brownback applauded a finding that notes that intellectual property supports 603,923 private-sector jobs in the state. He also noted that this nearly matches the 607,484 jobs that are unrelated to intellectual property and that 74.8% of Kansas exports come from intellectual property intensive companies.

According to a study released in March by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the most intellectual property intensive industries include computers, communications equipment, semiconductors and other electronic components, navigational instruments and basic chemicals.

U.S Chamber of Commerce

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Reg Patent Atty & Owner, The Burdick Law Firm

Kansas? No way, not even in the Wizard of Oz. Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County, CA) alone has had 15 times more patents issued in each of the last 15 years than the entire state of Kansas. Compare, for 2010, for example:

Geplaatst door Bruce Burdick op Wednesday 3 October 2012