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Week of September 17: Top intellectual property rights articles

post Monday September 24, 2012


Intellectual Property Perspectives: Does TRIPS Promote Technology Dissemination?

Thomson Reuters: Now the World's Largest Provider of Trademark Screening Data

Apple Seeks Another $707 Million in Damages from Samsung

Microsoft Defeats Google Over a Third Patent in Germany

Emergent Technologies Acquires Nascent IP Firm

Woman Who Botched Spanish Fresco Exploring IP Rights

Audit Faults Fannie Mae Over Loan Transfer Pricing

US Lawyers Urge Fresh Transfer Pricing Guidelines

Vodafone Transfer Pricing: Court Adjurns Hearing Till Oct 5

Articles from IPR Plaza:

Google Sensors Pirate Bay from Its Autocomplete Features

Kodak Explores Options Handling Its Digital Imaging Patents

Medtronic and the IRS Disagree on Tranfer Pricing Adjustments

Week of September 10: Top IPR Articles











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