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Google sues own Law Firm

post Friday August 24, 2012

Attack or Defence; from FreeDigitalPhotos

Patent wars seem to be part of daily business these days. Large technological companies sue each other on the smallest issues. However, Google has taken this to another level, by suing a law firm that represents Google itself. This is a response to the lawyers suing the product developers of Google for alleged patent infringement.

The law firm that represent Google in its patent cases is Pepper Hamilton. Whom also happens to represent a patent troll company Digitude which actively buys patents for the sole purpose of extracting money from infringing companies. Digitude has recently purchased patents on mobile telephony from Apple and has instructed its lawyers to sue companies, including Google, that employ the operating system Android for infringement on those purchased patents.

Google has thus been looking for a new law firm to represent them and in turn sues Pepper Hamilton. Spokesperson from Google claims that the only way in which the matter can be settled is if Pepper Hamilton breaks its tie with Digitude. The law firm Pepper Hamilton possesses confidential information on Google and its operating system which makes it very difficult for them to disconnect themselves from Google.

Source: Volkskrant

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Comments on 'Google sues own Law Firm' (4)

Surely their lawyers ought to know what a conflict of interest is?

Geplaatst door Sang N op Tuesday 4 September 2012

Disagree on Peter

Obviously, patents are used to stop others from practicing. This way inventions are protected. Without patents firms would not be stimulated to make inventions as they would not be able to protect them from copycats.

Patent trolls on the other hand buy patents solely for the purpose to sue other firms. They are not concerned about the invention, but only want to make money by doing this. So here I disagree on Peter.

Geplaatst door Eveline op Wednesday 29 August 2012

What does this mean?

You referred to "a patent troll company Digitude which actively buys patents for the sole purpose of extracting money from infringing companies."

Well, what other possible reason is there to pay thousands of dollars to get a patent?

People talk about the difference between practicing and non-practicing entities as if it's a relevant distinction somehow. Nobody gets a patent because they want to practice an invention. A patent doesn't give that legal right. The only thing a patent lets you do is stop someone else from practicing... or make them pay up if they practice your invention without your permission.

Think before you write.

Geplaatst door Peter op Wednesday 29 August 2012

Conflicts of Interests are all about law firms and insurance companies

I just squandered about 500K on lawyer over the last 3 years and I am looking for a lawyer to sues lawyers for overcharging, misconduct, stupidity, billing issues, malfeasance and greed.

Geplaatst door Ron Alford op Sunday 26 August 2012