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Sony files new 3-D glasses-free viewing patent

post Monday May 14, 2012

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Sony has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a glasses-free 3-D display that will adjust the picture so that the user gets an optimal view no matter how far or close to the screen. In its application, “Stereoscopic Image Processing Method and Apparatus,” Sony defined its patent intent: “A stereoscopic image processing method for a stereoscopic image pair forming a 3-D image comprises the steps of evaluating whether the distance of a user is closer or further than a preferred distance from a 3-D image display upon which the stereoscopic image pair is to be displayed, and if the evaluation indicates that the user is further than the preferred distance from the 3-D image display, adjusting the respective displacements between corresponding image elements in the stereoscopic image pair, thereby changing the stereoscopic parallax in the 3-D image.”

This means Sony has a plan to resolve the disadvantages of no-glasses 3-D viewing at home. Often people have critics about the blurring and other compromised effects of the 3-D viewing that makes the experience less than desired just because the viewer is not in the best position. With Sony’s 3-D viewing concept, the application would be able to detect a user’s distance from the screen and adjusts the separation of images accordingly.

The patent is used for both an image-processing method and an entertainment system for the image display. The patent says that Sony’s technology involves shifting image elements in at least one of the left-eye and right-eye images to change the size of displacements, as a function of existing displacements, and the point of intersection of lines of sight between the corresponding image elements and the viewer. The separation in depth between different image elements is practically the same as it would have been if the user had been viewing the video at the ideal distance.


[Source: Phys.Org]



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