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Internet Brands Goes Mobile

post Friday May 11, 2012

David Castillo Dominici

It is nothing new, with the increase in mobile device technology, companies are required to be updated and actively making use of such technologies if they want to compete in today's markets. Allowing customers to interact with companies from virtually any device, in the most convenient and easiest way possible. In respond to these needs, various companies have devised mobile applications allowing their users interact at any time and with little effort.

One such company is Forum Runner, whom has created a mobile application through which forum users can interact with online communities, from their mobile device. They also provide the users with mobile applications. Forum Runner will be acquired by Internet Brands, as they further expand their ownership of websites. Forum Runner will operate  under the vBulletin software division, which is a proprietary internet forum software company.

The vBulletin business model is based on what is referred to as crowd sourcing, where the visitors are those that create solutions to common problems faced by other visitors and communities are formed. They create the software on which these platforms can be created. This is a new generation of business models, which has grown exponentially due to the increasing importance of online communities. It adds to the ever expanding business model of Internet Brands.

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