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10 News Brands That Will Be Here for the Next 10 Years

post Tuesday April 17, 2012



Building a strong brand name is very difficult. When this brand name is built it is a very valuable intangible asset. In this article we present 10 news brands that will remain for the next 10 years due to their strong brand and product.

New York Times
In ten years the New York Times may not be making printed news papers anymore but the brand will still exist. Its name and product are too valuable to disappear.  The NYT Company structure may look different, and the newsroom should probably be much smaller. But with the right technology and business decisions, the New York Times should still be alive as one of the most important news brands for a long time.

Twitter is a real-time news distributor which no company can ignore. In the future It will probably become even better for reading and reacting on breaking news. Twitter also makes it possible for eyewitnesses to report news, for example in war zones. Twitter not only gets news into peoples' hands the fastest, but it has given birth and life to several news brands. And it should remain an important one.

Google continues to lead the world by organizing the world’s information and helping people find it. Google News is a huge product with a huge audience. We expect Google to continue to be one of the most important news distribution companies indefinitely.

The news feed platform of Facebook has become one of the most important news distribution platform in the world. It should continue to grow in relevance for local news, as traditional local media brands fade. Facebook will be a very important news brand in a decade.

Local TV and networks will probably change dramatically over the next decade. News brands will have to modify to the changing demands or else it will have to end their business. Univision however, is becoming an extremely important media brand. Univision is still increasing in size and influence partly because the increase in the Spanish speaking population.

Bloomberg is the best and most important media on financial news. Financial news will always stay relevant and as long as Bloomberg continues giving the news better than any other media company, it will continue to prosper as a news brand. Bloomberg will have to make sure it continues to lead the pack at gathering accurate news and information as quickly as possible.

Al Jazeera
regardless the fact that for most Americans it is still impossible to watch the Qatar-based Al Jazaeera tv channel, the importance of the Middle- East can’t be denied. Not only in terms of conflicts but as well in terms of development. Al Jazeera's influence will likely rise, and distribution within the U.S. will eventually grow, especially as Internet TV becomes more of a reality.

Yahoo is still one of the biggest web portals in the world and will continue to be one of the most important news brands. In the next decade Yahoo could slowly fade a bit, but it still isn’t shrinking.

This station is reliable, solid and approachable and that is what millions of people want. It doesn’t stand out in any particular way, but CNN is still associated with quality news coverage. It will continue to be an important brand next decade even if it shifts more to the web.

The Washington Post may or may not be printing a paper in a decade. But the D.C. scene will still need to lobby itself somehow. Politico seems to be asserting itself as a dominant brand with staying power.


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