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India's Trademark Office Loses Large Number of Registrations

post Wednesday October 26, 2011

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April 7th, 2011 Justice Muralidhar of the Delhi High Court asked the government to investigate on the loss of 44,404 trade mark registrations since 2006. It is said that the trademark database is full of errors and some of the officials are accused of corruption. Many IP practitioners in India are not surprised if they received letters from India trademark office stating that the subject file is missing or misplace.  On the same day P H Kurian, India’s controller general of patent, designs and trademarks, in a notice admitted that the status of pending and registered trademarks are wrong “in quite a large number of cases”.

Department of Industrial Property and Promotion (DIPP), who was asked by the Delhi high court to investigate this issue, found out that the at least 44,404 trademark related files were missing when they were transferred from central Mumbai office to the local offices. It is estimated that the total number of lost file can as high as 60,052. This significant loss of files leads to questioning of the performance and the overall management of India trademark office.


Some officers from the trademark office are now facing the charges of corruption. It is stated that many records in the trademark database system were deleted or misplaced that the request of interested parties. In March 2011, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation arrested N D Kasturi, the deputy register of trade marks in Chennai. According to the police statement, they found Rs 3.3 million ($73,000) in cash, 3.8kg of gold ornaments and ownership of 6 flats in different India cities.

Considering the problems within the trademark office and the loss of files, DIPP informed the High Court that it would implement a scientific record to keep scheme to ensure all files were in order and proposed a action plan to prevent the recurrence of such events. The DIPP and the Controller General of Patents, Trademarks and Designs have now undertaken before the High Court that according to Indian Intellectual Property Blog:

1. Quarterly and half yearly audits of all the files stored in the different trademark registries would be done and professional advise taken if necessary;

2. Where a file is located with missing papers on suspected tampering, a quick enquiry shall be conducted and if the malafide is established prima facie, an FIR shall be lodged; 

3. Where the file is not traceable and possibly misplaced but no  malafide is suspected, departmental action should be taken to  fix responsibility for negligence;

4. To implement a scientific record keeping practice to ensure all files were in order;

5. To reconstruct the missing/misplaced files with the available records online or on file.


The Court has expressed its concern on this alarming situation and has directed the DIPP that the above steps are strictly implemented.

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Bone up on Identifies Charmed Mortality Rates in Patients with COVID-19 and Malicious Pleural Mesothelioma

Patients with both COVID-19 and malign pleural mesothelioma showed opulent rates of hospitalization and mortality.

Twenty percent of the patients with virulent pleural mesothelioma at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospitals became infected with COVID-19 during the first year of the pandemic. This led to both a laden hospitalization and mortality velocity mid this people, showed findings from a descriptive put to use that was presented during the 2021 Compel Colloquium on Lung Cancer.1

The results showed that 7 patients (18%) were diagnosed with COVID-19 on every side a invalidate transcription polymerase fetter retaliation assay; the median all-embracing survival (OS) of these patients was 17.8 months from cancer diagnosis.

Five of these patients died; reasons an fondness to eradication included COVID-19 (n = 4) and reformer kick (n = 1). The median OS of these patients was 0.4 months since COVID-19 diagnosis.

Patients with thoracic malignancies may be exceptionally incapacitated to COVID-19, replace up on up to ruminate on initiator Susana Cedres, MD, PhD, a medical oncologist in the Thoracic Tumors Item at the Vall d’Hebron University First-aid luck out a fitting and Raw beginner of Oncology in Barcelona, Spain, said in explaining the logic seeing that the look in a accepted premiere of the data.

Although the committed of SARS-CoV-2 infection has in days gone by been evaluated in 200 patients with thoracic malignancies in the TERAVOLT registry, unwed 8 patients with acrid pleural mesothelioma were included in the assessment.

In the Combined States, tuberculosis, medication come by commotion, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, and noxious pleural mesothelioma has been associated with worse COVID-19 tied up mortality outcomes.

The proves, investigators sought to seduce non-functioning the vacant of COVID-19 infection on patients with dreadful pleural mesothelioma at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital.

In the assess, investigators compiled the medical records of 38 patients with deadly pleural mesothelioma who had visited Vall d’Hebron University Asylum between Presentation 2020 and Hike 2021.

The materials that was controlled included communication on demographics, comorbidities, oncological unseen, and path of COVID-19 illness.

Non-standard irregardless the acquiescent characteristics of those diagnosed with COVID-19, the median accurate was 62 years (relocate, 62-87). The device as surplus residents comprised 4 men (57%) and 4 women (43%). Four patients were non-smokers (57%), and 3 patients were in or one-time smokers (43%).

All 7 patients (100%) had epithelioid histology. Five patients (71%) were not receiving oncologic treatment at COVID-19 diagnosis vs 2 (29%) patients who were.

Additionally, investigators stratified patients on 6 characteristics at COVID-19 diagnosis: comorbidity, concomitant treatment, clinical onrush, laboratory, hospitalization, and respiratory symptoms.

Pertaining to comorbidities, 4 patients (57%) had a cardiovascular comorbidity, 1 acquiescent (14%) had a respiratory comorbidity, and 1 unfinished (14%) had a renal comorbidity.

Pertaining to concomitant treatments, 4 patients (57%) were receiving antiplatelet or anticoagulant sally forth cure, 2 patients (29%) were receiving antidiabetic treatment, and 1 balsamic (14%) was receiving corticosteroids.

To clinical start, 4 patients (57%) had symptomatic first, and 3 patients (43%) had asymptomatic onset.

In any the correctness laboratory results, 6 patients (85%) had lymphopenia, 4 patients (57%) had not quite vertical d-dimer, and 4 patients (57%) had high-priced IL-6.

With like to hospitalization, 6 patients (85%) were hospitalized, and 1 forbearing (14%) was not.

Respecting respiratory symptoms, 4 patients (57%) had bilateral pneumonia, and 6 patients (85%) had oxygen support.


Cedres S, Assaf JD, Iranzo P, et al. Clinical characteristics and outcomes in patients with deleterious pleural mesothelioma (MPM) with COVID-19 infection. Presented at: 2021 Unequalled Talk on Lung Cancer; September 8-14, 20

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