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Week of April 15th: Top intellectual property articles

post Tuesday April 23, 2013


Intellectual Property Day to be marked on April 26

World Intellectual Property Day will be celebrated on April 26, with the theme “Creativity: The Next Generation.”

Access Copyright takes York University to court
Simmering tensions are now threatening to boil over as Access Copyright takes one of Canada’s largest universities to court — a move some see as a warning to others who’ve ended relations with the agency.
Greek Gene Bank’s Struggle Indicative Of Changing Times
Gene banks holding plant genetic material worldwide play a crucial role for future agricultural practices and research and development in the field, especially as people rediscover the importance of their dependence on the land due to the financial situation.

Victoria Espinel speaks about intellectual property concerns
Victoria Espinel, the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator for the Executive Office of the President, gave a talk in Hamburg Hall at noon last Thursday as part of the Heinz College Convocation open forum series. Titled “Protecting U.S. Intellectual Property: A View from the Front Lines,”

No changing intellectual property laws: Sharma
India will not tighten laws on intellectual property or go beyond the global intellectual property agreement, TRIPS, in the free trade agreement (FTA) being negotiated with the European Union.
WIPO Delegates Progressing On Once-Moribund Broadcasting Treaty
A meeting meant to advance discussions on a treaty to protect the rights of broadcasting organisations held last week at the World Intellectual Property Organization yielded substantive results, according to the meeting chair. However, civil society remains cautious about potential side effects of such an instrument, while countries appear to have divergent views on the practicalities of the treaty.
United States: Federal Circuit Finds Patent Marking Is Circumstantial Evidence Of Infringement
In Frolow v. Wilson Sporting Goods Co., the Federal Circuit refused to adopt the doctrine of marking estoppel, but held that evidence that Wilson had marked some accused tennis racket models constituted evidence of infringement sufficient to raise a genuine issue of material fact and prevent summary judgment of non-infringement.
Intellectual property law ‘fails to cater for the internet
South Africa’s law on intellectual property has fallen behind the times as it did not cater for new technological developments such as the internet, a leading expert on the subject said on Thursday.

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