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Week of March 18: Top intellectual property rights articles

post Monday March 25, 2013


Spain adopts new policy to safeguard intellectual property

The copyright infringed sites would face fines of up to €300,000 as well as elimination of their payment processors and advertisers. The Spanish Government has introduced new policy for advertisers on websites that breach copyright protection and increased fines for sites that do not eliminate pirated content.

Ukraine adopts cumpolsory licencing of pharmaceutical patents

Ukraine is harmonising its national legislation with EU requirements on the compulsory licensing of pharmaceutical patents by allowing Ukrainian companies to produce such patented products.

Diverging news on IPR protection needs emerge at IP workshop

Nigeria’s booming film industry, born in an intellectual property-free environment, was presented as a case study of how IP needs may vary depending on context during a recent workshop organised by the US Commerce Department. In parallel, representatives of multinational brands and law enforcement delivered a strong message on the gravity of counterfeit trade, highlighting its link to organised crime.

The Next Great Copyright Act is Coming

On March 20, Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante testified before the US House of Representatives on the need to reform copyright law, currently outlined in the Copyright Act of 1976. This had been the first major update to copyright protection since 1909, but some considered it dated, even at the time.

Haiti: Intellectual Property as a Tool for Development

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MCI), in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Office of the Haitian Copyright (BHDA) of the Ministry of Culture, organized this week a 2-days sub-regional (Caribbean) workshop on intellectual property. The workshop, whose theme was "intellectual property as a tool of development" is directly in the logic of government action to promote, manage and protect intellectual property.

The Peculiar Paradox of Property

The subject of intellectual property rights is on my editor’s mind of late. When does a given quotation need “permission” from an author, or an author’s estate, to be used in another work? At what point does something pass into the public domain? Does it ever?

Seismic company continues IP rights fight

Stealing intellectual property hurts people and companies! But there always seems to be the issue of making people understand the value of it to those who create it and own it.

Copyright laws: Pirated books seized from printing press

Upon receiving reports of the illegal printing of Oxford University Press textbooks by the Rizwan Printing Press located at Cattle Park, New Anarkali Bazaar, the FIA and New Anarkali police teamed up with Roving Source — a security concern engaged in providing trademark and copyright protection services in Pakistan — and recovered the pirated books, said a statement issued by the OUP.

Raj Kapoor protection from commercial exploitation

RK films and studios, one of the oldest film production company in the country, has acquired intellectual property rights on the name and images of Raj Kapoor.


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