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Africa Urged to Develop IP Infrastructure Support

post Tuesday March 19, 2013


Despite the recent news surrounding a possible Pan-African Intellectual Property organization, policymakers should focus on developing legal and policy frameworks to boost and region’s potential in developing intellectual property.

A gathering of senior representatives from the African private sector, civil organizations and science and technology ministers released a statement that said “investments in education, research and development should be increased. Support in moving ideas to development and to market should be accelerated.”

In addition to the African delegates, the group included WIPO Director General Francis Gurry, UN Under Secretary General Wu Hongbo, and President of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Nestor Osorio (Colombia). Representatives echoed the belief that African countries had the capacity to create innovative technology solutions that addressed local and regional challenges, but needed significant support to improve the support infrastructure.

“Innovation is the essence of our modern society. Without harnessing its power, we will not be able to create healthy, educated or inclusive societies,” remarked ECOSOC President Osorio.

Discussion: How will a Pan-African IP organization affect the innovation infrastructure? Amid the other IP organizations in Africa, how will further legislation improve the management of IP?

Source: AfriqueJet
Image source: Free Digital Photos


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