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Russia Sets Up Dedicated IP Court

post Thursday March 7, 2013

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The Russian Federation set up a specialized court for intellectual property rights within its commercial courts system. The IPR Court, established in February 2013, is now the go-to resource for intellectual property management and issues resolution in the country.

The recently appointed head of the IPR Court, Lyudmila Novoselova, touted the benefits and indicated that progression and evolution were a necessary step. Other countries have added this specialized court and have experienced great strides in intellectual property management. In this case, the German Federal Patent Court served as a model for the proposed system.

See the interview in Russian, here.

Discussion: How does the launch of another specialized IP court affect the culture of IP management? What other BRIC countries have seen an improvment in IP management? What do you hope to see in the future of Russian IP management?

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Source: Intellectual Property Watch

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