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South Africa Leaning Toward Support of Pan-African IP Office

post Thursday February 28, 2013


After news of a proposed Pan-African IP Office, South Africa is leading the continent in support of establishment. Earlier this year heads of the African Union elected to proceed with the establishment of the office, despite significant criticism and existance of two other regional IP governing bodies.

While there is no definitive information yet, South Africa's Department of Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies did not deny South Africa's future participation in the new IP regulatory office. When asked, the minister indicated the decision was "in the process" and indicated that coming together as African countries will stregnthen the continent's ability to manage intellectual property. Numerous other spokespeople for South Africa indicated the importance of unifying and coordinating among other neighboring countries.

Nigeria and South Africa have not previously joined regional governing bodies like PAIPO. Caroline Ncube, a researcher at the University of Cape Town, indicated that if both countries were to join, it the office would be a powerhouse. Further speculating on the issue, she added that "South Africa is not a joiner but a leader."

Discussion: Do you think South Africa will join PAIPO? How will it's leadership as one of the most prominent African nations guide the development of the organization? Amid the controversy, how does the addition of yet another IP regulatory office affect the continent's ability to effectively manage IP?


See the original article announcing the office here.


Source: Intellectual Property Watch

Image source: Free Digital Photos

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