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Week of February 18: Top intellectual property rights articles

post Monday February 25, 2013


Microsoft bares study results on viruses

From the moment a person buys a computer, it could already be infected with a wide variety of viruses and malicious software (malware) that are capable of spying, stealing usernames and passwords, and even recording financial transactions.

WIPO Publishes Patent of Gong

According to the abstract published by the World Intellectual Property Organization on its website: "A multifunctional wind-energy electric car with self-charge, wind production and zero fuel consumption includes an electric car (1), and at least a roll-type wind wheel (2) is provided on the weather direction of the electric car (1). The roll-type wind wheel (2) is connected to a wind power generator (4) by clutches (3).

Nautilus CEO Opens up on PNG Dispute

Nautilus Minerals has concluded quasi-secret negotiations with project partners over intellectual property rights in the hopes of resolving what has emerged as a major point of contention for the Papua New Guinea government in a broader dispute over the Solwara 1 underwater mining project and the state's 30 percent equity interest in it.

Software firms lobby congress for patent protection

Software firms are coaxing U.S. lawmakers to protect patent law because they encourage tech innovation and protect research, and not be put off by the current court battles over intellectual property.

WIPO Blind Treaty Shapes Up on Last Day

A week of arduous negotiations and doubts at the World Intellectual Property Organization about progress on a text to become a treaty for the benefit of visually impaired people was concluded positively yesterday with a sigh of relief by most delegations, and observers. A new text was issued and even though most deemed that crucial issues were addressed, some are outstanding and delegates will meet again in April to continue their drafting efforts.

Huawei acquired highest number of patent rights in 2012

Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd acquired the most patent rights in China last year, according to the State Intellectual Property Office.

Judge doesn't want myster surrounding Batman, Batsman

A British intellectual property regulator apparently believes that the conceptual difference between a cricket player and a fictional vigilante crime fighter is a distinction too nuanced for most consumers to make.

Lawyers see IP protection help in US trade secret focus

Attorneys say they hope stepped-up efforts by the White House to battle trade-secret theft will result in greater protection of their clients' intellectual property and better communication between companies and the government.

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