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Banning Piracy Sites Creates Controversy

post Wednesday December 19, 2012

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The Finnish court rejected the appeal against the banning of the website offering links to pirated material, Pirate Bay. Even though the Finnish internet provider has gone against the order to block the pirate site, Pirate Bay is now banned in the UK, the Netherlands, Finland and Italy. Request for banning three other websites, Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents, has been sent as well.

However, experts say that the banning of websites of a similar kind does not effectively contribute to the enforcement of copyright; it relates more to issues of censorship. The blocking of these websites only adds to the presence of net censorship, which hinders the internet right of the users, according to the chairman of the Open Rights Group.

The effectiveness of the bans is highly disputed. On one hand, the copyright industry suggests that activity on copyright infringing sites has decreased as a result of the restrictions on piracy sites. On the other hand, however, ISPs argue that peer-to-peer file sharing remains unaffected. This ineffectiveness comes from the fact that people continue to search for alternative solutions for accessing and sharing pirated material.

Source: BBC News

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