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Weekly Roundup of IP News - Week of July 8th-12th

post Tuesday July 16, 2013


Biden welcomes China's rise but says Beijing's theft of US intellectual property must stop:

Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that China's rise is good but its theft of U.S intellectual property must stop as the global powers held annual talks that signaled more cooperation on tackling climate change while underscoring their deep differences on human rights.

This Patent Play Looks To Be Transforming The Entire Intellectual Property Industry:

There is no question that stocks in the Intellectual Property (IP) industry are becoming one of Wall Street's hottest sectors. With billions of dollars at stake for these relatively small companies, you can see why investors are paying added attention to patent companies such as Acacia Research (ACTG), Vringo (VRNG), VirnetX (VHC) and Parkervision (PRKR) just to name a few.

“Trilateral” Symposium Addresses Topics Of Global Public Health And IP:

The themes of innovation, collaboration, and policy coherence shared the spotlight during panel discussions at the 5 July technical symposium entitled, Medical Innovation: Changing Business Models. The event was jointly hosted by the World Health Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, and World Trade Organization, and included private sector representatives.

Caribbean must place greater focus on intellectual property crime:

Intellectual property crime is not victimless crime. Such crimes pose severe risks to Caribbean consumer health and safety, have serious economic consequences, and fund transnational organised crime.

UK Intellectual Property Office publishes new copyright exceptions for review:

Following a consultation to adapt the UK copyright framework to make it more flexible, modern and robust to deal with current and future technologies, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) has published a number of new copyright exceptions for review.

Articles from IPR Plaza this week:

Poland's Minister Calls for Increased IP Protection

In a recent decision that has the potential to lead towards effective intellectual property reform, Poland’s Minister of Culture and National Heritage has demanded that the Minister of Justice establishes IP courts to increase the protection of intellectual property rights in the country.

WIPO To Expand External Offices

In a response to requests from its members, the UN World Intellectual Property office has announced that they will expand the number of regional offices that they offer. The proposal that WIPO has released would result in the creation of five new WIPO offices around the globe. WIPO currently has four external offices and one “liaison office.”

Canada's Diminishing Protection of Pharmaceuticals Reduces Trade

A recent report from a major Canadian think tank contends that the diminishing protection of intellectual property rights in Canada could hinder the shipments and transportation of pharmaceuticals in the country.

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