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Who owns the content on Facebook?

Posted on Monday December 5, 2011

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Most people are unaware of the implications of posting information on the internet. I think this is especially the case for Facebook users, who generally share personal information. As I see it, it would be incorrect if Facebook owns the content on Facebook. Users should be (better) informed about this.

Posted by L.Clark op Wednesday 11 April 2012

Graduate Student

It is an interesting dilemma since in the past, Facebook data has been used in court cases to incriminate defendants who were under the impression that their Facebook profiles were private. This is done when Facebook data is subpoenaed which essentially authorizes the site to hand over printouts of private portions of their pages to the court. Particularly worrisome is that when Facebook changed its format in 2008, the site also changed their Terms of Use, which removed the clause detailing automatic expiry of deleted content (so now even deleted content can be exposed).

Posted by G.Decoster op Wednesday 11 April 2012