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How do you protect technological standards in the telecom industry?

Posted on Tuesday April 3, 2012

If, for example, a cell phone company in the EU came out with a universal adaptor product, who decides the regulations surrounding the use of the adaptor?  It could potentially mean lots of patents on different variations of adaptors produced around the EU and with that comes new patent standards that must be put in place.

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Interesting question. I'm always bothered by the numerous adapters you need to carry for all your technical products. Furthermore, every phone seems to have its own adapter, which makes it impossible to borrow someone else's adapter if you forgot to bring your own.

ETSI is recognised as an official European Standards Organisation by the European Union and could take care of a universal adapter, like it has made standards for other technical products.

Posted by C. Newport op Tuesday 10 April 2012


Intellectual Property for Adaptors, sounds like we've got ourselves a new organization, lol.

Posted by Anonymous (no, seriously) op Friday 4 May 2012