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Have Patents Lost Their Primary Purpose?

Posted on Tuesday September 25, 2012

Following the article on “A Broken Patent System” and the vast amount of patent related lawsuits between big companies, one question that has been surfacing is ‘have patents lost their main purpose?’
Patent applications are being driven by the profits that can be made from infringement instead of the push for innovation and rights ownership as they were originally intended.

More and more large companies are expanding their patent portfolio by buying other patents, and suing patent companies that infringe on their rights, making it harder for small innovators and inventors to get a piece of the pie.

What is your opinion on the patent system? Do you think it is broken or do you think that it has simply evolved but is still serving its primary purpose?

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Comments on 'Have Patents Lost Their Primary Purpose?' (6)

Patent Attorney, Malhotra Law Firm PLLC,

The patent system in the U.S. is under attack from multiple angle--lobbying, litigation, PR, and is being continually weakened by a lobby block of powerful software companies that have natural monopolies and would like to be able to take other people's innovations without having to pay for them. Automatic injunctions are gone. We have switched to a first-to-file system that studies have shown benefit multinationals to the detriment of startups. Those seeking venture capital may lose all possibility of ever obtaining patents by disclosing to venture capitalists. The ability to sue in the forum of choice is now much harder. There are now multiple avenues to attack the validity of patents when we already had inter-partes and ex-parte re-examinations and protests. Meanwhile, copyright law is being strengthened. The difference is in who is doing the lobbying.

Posted by Deepak Malhotra, JD, BSEE op Thursday 27 September 2012

Professor,Jain University &Patent Consultant

The Patents are primarily intended to prevent others from copying an invention of an inventor.As the technologies are progressing at a fast rate in the domain areas such as Information Technology, Electronics and drugs, more patents are emerging. As a result, the difference in one patent and other is marginal,there are chances of infringing in the claims of each other.Some companies are exploiting this situation. The interpretation of patent laws should be done appropriately which will help small innovators also to get their share of money.Smallinnovators may combine together and form a strong group with a databank of patents of different technologies.This group should showcase their technologies properly for possible licensing.

Posted by Dr.S.Rama murthy op Thursday 27 September 2012

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