Transfer Pricing Associates


Professionals and corporates involved in IP management look at 4 different angles:

  1. How to commercialise IP
    Ways to commercialize include external transactions. E.g. licensing or sale of IP to a third party. Protection of IP is a key in this step.
  2. How to manage IP
    When someone owns a portfolio of IP consisting of e.g. product and process technology for smart phones, the key question is how to keep the portfolio updated for the next generation of smart phones. A full understanding of changes in technologies and changes in business models are crucial.
  3. How to “transfer price” in case of IP sharing
    When one group company of multinationals licenses all of its brands and patents to the other group companies, what is the appropriate pricing mechanism and level?
  4. How is the IP aligned with the business model (infra-structural fix)
    By creating and managing a business model which is highly dependent on IP, the following aspects of an organisational infrastructure becomes key to boost or maintain the IP value
    (i) How does the human capital contribute? (ii) How well can a company run the conversion trail idea-technology-products-markets-customers? (iii) Which relationships are crucial to get a conversion of IP into cash? (IV) Which is the strategic fit between the IP developed /acquired and a company’s existing or future state business model?

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