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After identifying intangibles, companies should assign a quantifiable value to those intangibles based on their functions, risks, and expected future cash flows.  To begin to assess the present value of an intangible, valuators look to the company’s strategies and business model to see where the intangible fits within the value chain and how much value it will likely add to the company’s cash flows.  

Below, you will find tools that enables you to conduct some quantitative assessment yourself, free of charge.

Do Your Own Valuation: Using simple spreadsheet designs, the valuation calculators allow the user to do a quick valuation of their business or IP by inputting on-hand company financial data.

By integrating processes to dertermine "how to quantify the investment and return on intangibles" PLUS "how to do your own valuation" PLUS "how to set up a proper infrastructure to manage your intangibles to create a sustainalbe value of your intangibles", this allows advisors, investors, and managers of a company to complete a full analysis of the company's intangibles in 15 minutes or less.

- Business Valuation Tool This tool enables you to do a rudimentary business valuation. All major items are incorporated in this setup.

- IP Valuation Tool This tool enables you to do a rudimentary IP valuation (patents, trademarks) using the relief from royalty method.

- Super IP Calculator This tool allows to assess internationally used multiples in order to get a first indication of a company's value in a particular industry and country. Moreover, the R&D/Sales multiple is an indication of the effectiveness and efficiency of R&D expenditures in a particular sector and the Royalty Rate to sales gives you an indication of the impact of intangible assets in the total revenues.