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China's 2012 IP Strategy

post Thursday October 4, 2012

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On April 10th, the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Meeting for Implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy in China has released the Promotion Plan for the Implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy in 2012.

The plan outlines eight IP strategy tasks, 90 corresponding measures and 28 responsible departments. In 2012, China will focus on enhancing quality of IP, applying IP to promote the development of burgeoning strategic industries, promoting IP application, intensifying IPR protection, developing IP in fields with comparative advantages, enhancing IP management capacity, developing IP service industry and fostering IP culture.

To enhance the IP quality, authorities will improve the IP assessment and evaluation system. A number of IP related laws, including Trademark Law, Patent Law and Copyright Law, are being revised to better protect the IP rights. To fight IP infringement, the authorities will increase the cost of IPR infringement and reduce the cost of IPR protection.

A system for promoting IP in the burgeoning strategic industries will be constructed together with the promulgation of a package of complete IP policies and the enhancement of IP analysis and IP layout in those industries. The Ministry of Finance will take measures to support the development of a number of key burgeoning industries with strategic importance, for instance the industries engaged in major projects involving rare earth, rare metal materials and biological breeding. According to China Daily, the plan calls for about 30 industry associations to be founded this year to boost the emerging industries.

The IP management policies will be reviewed to enhance the level of national IP management in governments, industries, enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific institutes and service agencies. According to China Daily, SIPO will promote IP financing services for startup companies in 16 pilot regions in the country.

Source: China Daily, SIPO

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