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Google and Apple Facing Litigation for Mobile Patent Infringement

post Monday October 1, 2012

Apple iPhone2; from FreeDigitalPhotos

Unwired Planet LLC, an Internet technology company formerly called Openwave Systems Inc., filed patent infringement complaints against Apple and Google in the Nevada federal court.

The company is asserting that Apple and Google infringed on 10 patents each related to the wireless technology in their mobile products. The claim covers smart mobile devices, mobile digital content systems, cloud messaging systems, map and location systems, search and advertising systems, and short-range radio communication systems. It identifies some of Google’s signature services such as Google Play, Google Maps, and Google Ad-Words as infringing, as well as Apple’s App Store, location services, the Siri iPhone feature and other mobile app systems using the iOS operating system including iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Unwired Planet states in its official website that it is the inventor of the mobile Internet and it established many of the foundational patents that allow mobile devices to connect to the Internet. The company declares that it has amassed a patent portfolio of approximately 200 issued US and foreign patents and approximately 75 pending applications, many of which are considered foundations of mobile communications.

The litigation follows the company’s strategic transition into an Intellectual Property company, Forbes reports. “This litigation marks a key step in our multi-pronged strategy to maximize shareholder value through the licensing of our robust portfolio of patents and to protect our IP through litigation against unlicensed parties as necessary,” Said Mike Mulica, the CEO of Unwired Planet. “Apple and Google generate substantial revenues from devices and services that rely on the intellectual property that Unwired Planet developed and patented over the last 15 years.”

Source: Forbes, Open Wave

Image Source: Free Digital Photos

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