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Japanese Industrial Property Regulation

post Tuesday June 12, 2012


With the rise of globalization and outsourcing, industrial property regulations have become vitally important across borders. It is essential for companies that relocate abroad to know how the local areas regulate industrial properties. Many countries have an online information center that provides the rules and regulations about industrial property. Japan has set up the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT).
The National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training, was founded in April 2001, to provide comprehensive information on industrial property. It includes general information and a collection of official government documents relating to industrial property. It also provides consultations and reference materials from the Japanese Patent Office on industrial property. Lastly, they make use of licensable patents.  Since October 2004, the office also provides resources aiding companies in distributing information and developing the human capital component of their businesses. For more information on Japanese laws on industrial property, please refer to the INPIT website.

The increased awareness of the importance of intangible assets has enabled a large growth in the business sector that focuses on consulting services on intangible assets, for example the protection of Intellectual Property and information on Patents. It is also useful to be familiar with the laws and regulations on patents in the local country.

For information on the Japan patent act please refer to the following website:

When expanding into a new international or domestic market it is imperative to be aware of all laws regarding industrial property and the protection of intellectual property. Avoiding future problems is usually a matter of research and awareness. For any additional questions about the information provided here or international expansion, please contact IPR Plaza.

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