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Top 5 Countries for Pharmaceutical Patent Application

post Monday June 11, 2012

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The number of issued patents have increased steadily in the recent years, most noticeably in high-tech patents issued. The pharmaceuticals industry does not lag far behind.

The following is a compilation of information by the Article One Partners, an online community of researchers that investigate patent legitimacy. The information contains the top 5 countries that specialize in pharmaceutical patent application. The rankings are based on the percentage of patent applications made by that particular country.


1. India: 23.5% of pharmaceutical patents have been filed by India. The two major companies contributing to this ranking are “Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories” and “Ranbaxy Laboratories”

2. Slovenia: Slovenia ranks 2nd with an application of 22.07% of pharmaceutical patents. “Krka D.D Novo Mesto” and “LEK Pharmaceuticals D.D” both were major influences in this ranking.

3. Monaco: Monaco, whose main export is pharmaceuticals, ranks third in the list with 20.85% of pharmaceutical patent applications.

4. Kenya: Kenya ranks 4th in the world with 19.51% of patent applications in the pharmaceuticals industry.

5. Luxembourg: Luxembourg with 14.57% of pharmaceuticals patent application ranks 5th in the world. Despite its small geographic size, the country is a strong competitor.


These countries are followed by Sweden (8.12%), China (7.74%), UK (7.2%), US (6.44%), Italy (6.18%), Russia (5.05%) and France (4.91%).


Source: Article One Partners

Image Source: Article One Partners 

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