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Are you ready for China?

post Wednesday June 19, 2013

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China gets a lot of attention from the small and medium sized companies in Europe because the market in China is the biggest and fastest growing consumer market in the world. However, the cultural and political aspects in China are barriers for European entrepreneurs. To lower most of the barriers, an organisation, called EU Small and Medium Enterprise Centre was founded to help European SME’s.

Small and medium sized companies are using the EU SME centre as a gateway to China. Companies are free to use the centre, financed by the European Union, for practical information, advice and tools for lower the barrier to enter the market. The centre has found different ways to assist the various entrepreneurs who are planning on entering the Chinese market. For example, companies can visit training sessions or can take a look on various webinars. Beside this there is also the opportunity to get an office for limited time in the centre.

The centre has a wide knowledge about possible problems that could be faced by small and medium sized companies, but the EU SME has potential solutions for these companies, including this knowledge in the information, the centre gives the companies their knowledge. So entrepreneurs can take the needed steps for step towards the Chinese market.

One of the many tools is an online quiz. During the quiz, SME gives the companies the knowledge they need to enter the Chinese market with a great deal of success. After the result of the quiz, SME sends links to the entrepreneurs, to inform them on the subjects where their knowledge is insufficient. The information faces the people with:

The quiz and results are supported by case studies and good examples, to make the information the SME gives to entrepreneurs stronger and more efficient.


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