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Week of March 11: Top intellectual property rights articles

post Wednesday March 20, 2013


African Ministers Focus on IP Role in Innovation for Development

The role of innovation as a driving force of social, economic, and environmental development is one of the central themes in post-2015 global development agenda discussions. In a ministerial-level meeting with guidance from the World Intellectual Property Organization last week, African policymakers outlined what they would need to foster innovation at home.

Can you keep a secret?

THE conventional way to protect intellectual property is to patent it. This gives an inventor legal protection for his idea: if others want to use it, they must pay him. The snag is that he must publish his idea, making it easy for someone in a less lawful country to steal it.

Apple Inc Being Accused of IP Theft

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been facing a blame of illegally acquiring speaker technology, which was being used in iPhones, iPads and iMac devices, by THX Ltd, whose founder is the world renowned producer of Star Wars, George Lucas.

New KIPO Commissioner Appointed

Intellectual Property and Development: Beware the Genome Divide

Debating Intellectual Property

Jury Finds Cisco Did Not Infringe on VirnetX Patents

Raising the Bar for Patent Opposition Procedures


Articles from IPR Plaza:

Africa Urged to Develop IP Infrastructure Support

Japanese IP Protection Concerns

IP Rights a Major Hurdle in Pacific Rim Trade Talks

Reshoring Expertise


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