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Week of February 25: Top intellectual property rights articles

post Monday March 4, 2013


Dyson on Patents and Intellectual Property

From the ease with which Asian manufacturers can copy his designs, to the lenience of penalties, Sir James Dyson suggests that there is real damage to innovation when others get away with copying the hard work of companies like Dyson.

China Calls US Politicizing IP Disputes 'Rediculous'

China has voiced its displeasure with the United States over what it describes as "ridiculous" politicizing of IP disputes concerning Chinese telecom equipment makers, Huawei and ZTE.

Esther Roberts Bell: Lessons Learned from the Best Coffee in America

Recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office declined to register the phrase "best coffee in America" despite argument from Dunkin' Donuts that the phrase had acquired brand-specific distinctiveness through systematic use for at least five years as required by law.

SABIC Sponsors Arab Forum on Anti-Commercial Fraud, Counterfitting and Protection of IP

The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) is the Gold Sponsor of the Third Arab Forum on Anti-Commercial Fraud, Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Rights Protection being held in Riyadh under the aegis of Saudi Customs.

India Appeals Body Rejects Bayer's Nexavar Plea

Ralcopr Tortilla Chips Didn't Violate Frito-Lay IP

A Texas jury ruled in favor of ConAgra Foods Inc. ( CAG ) unit Ralcorp in a dispute with PepsiCo Inc.'s ( PEP ) Frito-Lay North America division over tortilla chips, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday.

Wellingtonians File Dozens of Patents

Wellingtonians are an inventive bunch, with many in the capital applying to patent ideas they could create income from. In the year to July 2012, the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand received 6253 patent applications, compared with 6163 a year earlier.

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