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Two Government Lawyers Nominated for Appeals Court

post Tuesday March 5, 2013


Two Government Lawyers Nominated for Appeals Court

President Obama nominated two government lawyers for a place in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the nation’s top patent court.

Raymond Chen, a US Patent and Trademark Office lawyer, is a seasoned veteran of intellectual property law. In his 15 years at USPTO, Chen worked on key national cases. Todd Hughes, a surprise contender for the nomination has handled commercial litigation at the Department of Justice since 1994.

Chen’s nomination is seen as positive news for supporters of the current patent system, but may be a blow for those looking to reform the US’s management of the patent process. Regardless, his extensive experience is a testament to his qualification for the position. The appointment of Hughes, the second openly gay nominee, is also interesting. Hughes is seen by many as a wildcard contender and has the chance to be the first openly gay federal appeals court judge. Edward DuMont was nominated previously, but after waiting more than 18 months for a hearing, withdrew his name.

The third position on the 12-person court remains unfilled. One of the 33 federal judges nominated in January 2012, Richard Taranto, a re-nominee, is still awaiting a hearing.

Source: ArsTechnica

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