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What would companies in the future look like?

post Wednesday February 20, 2013



More and more often, companies realize that almost 80 percent of their corporate value is in their intangible assets. Within accounting and financial reporting, this has been a reoccurring problem, because intangible assets were not recorded in the books. This issue received great publicity by the media, such as the Facebook case or the Nortel Bankruptcy case. The majority of the companies lose a noticeable amount of their value without even perceiving it by simply ignoring their intangible assets. Thankfully this is beginning to change and intangible capital is becoming a more common topic of discussion in many forums, be it about accounting, sales or transfer pricing. This suggests that companies in the future would have to adopt and transform so that they can successfully profit from their assets and keep up with the market.

Smarter-Companiesis a concept established by Mary Adams, which helps companies identify, measure and manage using a system that has intangible capital at its core. The success factor of these companies is that they use the Smarter-Companies concept for management consulting, and that they effectively manage their intangible capital. These companies build their strength from human, relationship, structural and strategic capitals. The human capital entails culture, HR, and change management. Social media, marketing and sales are part of the relationship capital. Structural capital involves intellectual property, operations and IT while strategic capital includes strategy, finance, investors.

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The objective of Smarter-Companies is to deliver value-enhanced products to their end customers. Their focus is on the optimization of intangible capitals.

The concept of Smarter-Companies offers a collaborative advantage, not competition. Smarter companies will have separate market place, one that is intangible capital-centered with products and services that enhance value extraction from those. Currently, such a marketplace is present in the form of closed group transactions and forums, such as that of smarter-companies.

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Mary Adams aims to create a marketplace of consulting tools to optimize returns on the intangible capital. Please visit smarter-companies.

For more free information on intangibles, Q&As, case studies and advice on valuation please visit IPR Plaza.

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