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Google working toward safer access

post Thursday January 31, 2013


People tend to choose passwords that are easy to remember because they have to type them in so often. This puts them in a great danger from hackers and data phishers. The option on the internet browser to save one’s password makes the individual even more vulnerable to wrongdoers.

To prevent these damaging acts, Google is looking for a more innovative solution, one beyond passwords. Google is researching the introduction of a coin like chip which, when inserted in the computer, would automatically log the individual into Google accounts.

This USB based card is a prototype of Yubico, a company devoted to make the internet safer. The prototype of YubiKey was first introduced in 2007, and it is already available to the public.

According to the Google spokesperson, certain modifications to Chrome were required for the authentication to work. These were successfully implemented and the experiments to make the use of Google service safer and easier at the same time have started.

Other devices to be used as an authenticator, such as a smartphone or a smart ring, also came into discussion. These would log an individual in by a simple touch to the computer.

The next hurdle is to gain acceptance from the public. Google did not release any information about the possible cost to the users that would accompany this new technology.

It seems that Google is aiming for a safer user experience through adoption of ‘cloud’ technology and has taken the initial steps toward development of a new protocol.


Image source: Free Digital Photos

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