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New Features on IPR Plaza: Case Studies and Valuation Standards

post Friday November 30, 2012


You might know that IPR Plaza is the place for your up-to-date news and guidance on intangibles. In addition to the news articles, court cases and valuation tools available, we now offer two new features: case studies and Question and Answers on valuation standards.

Case Studies

Well-known companies like Zara and Walmart will be used as examples to illustrate how to optimize IP management to make the most out of your business. Each case study examines in-depth how a particular company manages it’s IP and what makes it successful. The case studies will discuss the company’s business model and strategy, as well as the company’s most important intangibles and where they are embedded in the supply chain. The companies that are evaluated differentiate themselves from their competitors by their resourceful IP management, which give them a unique advantage. To read these case studies go to

As of next month, short personal tests will be included in each case study. This examination will allow readers to find out if they understand the methodology. The ultimate goal is to will help our website visitors to optimize their own IP management.

Q&A’s on valuation standards

In addition to the upcoming case studies, there will also be country based valuation standards freely accessible on IPR Plaza as of next week. There are no true internationally applicable valuation standards because various countries adopt different valuation standards. Our Q&A’s will provide clarity on how to apply IP valuation on a country by country base. Furthermore, it offers a comparison of national standards to current international valuation standards and implications for practitioners.

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