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A road map for Dantefactor B.V.

post Tuesday September 10, 2013

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Road movies are telling you the story of people. Ordinary people moving along a continent or unexpected surprising landscape. I love road movies, because you travel along with these people and learn about their talent, history, habits and pitfalls; you get to learn about all kind of conditions, perspectives and dimensions along the trip while the horizon changes all the time. The question going through your mind all the time is: what are they heading for? What comes next? 

And in a kind of way, that is what happens when we researched, rated and reported on the intangible value of DanteFactor in December last year. We got to know Jos van Snippenberg and his passion for talent development. We interviewed all his knowledgeable stakeholders; we brought dimensions, perspectives and conditions together. We highlighted new insights and opportunities to navigate the future of DanteFactor: like a NEW road map. So what happened? Did new horizons emerge for Dantefactor?  

A few days ago I was told about DanteFactor's successes. From a company with dazzling ambitions but little focus and cash flow, it grew to a company performing in European and African countries, with growing resources to invest in new development from the road map.

During IPR Plaza’s and i2c’s workshop Smarter-Companies Superstar SMEs you will learn all about the new road map for Dantefactor brought by the Smarter-Companies / Icounts method. You will meet Jos van Snippenberg telling about Dantefactor's trip of the last 9 months. 

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