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Indian Conference on IP Strategy

post Wednesday August 14, 2013

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A new program has taken place in the Indian city of Kanpur that will boost the protection of intellectual property for businesses. The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises- Development Institute of Kanpur, the Ministry of MSME and the Government of India in association with Merchants Chamber of Uttar Pradesh held a meeting of a wide variety of businesses to cultivate the further development, protection, creation and integration of intellectual property.

Over 60 members of industry, managers and executives of companies and governmental leaders convened to discuss improvements that can be made in India to foster an environment of stability and assurance in the context of creating and developing intellectual property and eventually long-term guarantees of protecting intangibles.

The program was headed up by the MSME-Development Institute’s director, RB Gupte. Gupte lead the welcoming of the participants and announced the follow up events that would be taking place to continue on the momentum that was built at the program. There were other speakers who addressed a wide variety of intangible related issues.

The secretary general of Uttar Pradesh’s Merchants Chamber, Anita Jha, praised the actions taken by the MSME-Development Institute and the positive progress that was made. Jha also addressed the critical nature of utilizing IP in the increasingly global economy. Another notable guest was Dr. Shasi Rana. Dr. Rana serves as the nodal officer of the Patent Facilitation Centre of the Department of Science & Technology. Dr. Rana spoke on the topics of achieving copyrights, gaining patents and trademarks and other portions of the process to generating an effective IP strategy.

Source: India Times
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The value of an asset whether it is tangible or intangible is the value of the potential future economic benefits of businesses whether it is big or small and gives an incentive to invest in Research & Development (R&D), fostering the creation of innovative products, processes and services. IP assets also give their holders the confidence to share new technologies through joint ventures and licensing agreements. In this way successful innovations get diffused over time within and across economies, bringing higher productivity thus leads to inclusive growth in India. The profits of every business today come from a mixture of tangible and intangible asset value.

Innovation by MSMEs are mainly consists in minor adaptations to existing products, innovation in designs, mode of service delivery, management and marketing practices. At present MSME innovations are mainly of an informal nature, without formal R&D investments, R&D laboratories and R&D personnel. In such cases, other intellectual property rights, such as utility models, industrial designs and trademarks may play a bigger role than patents in providing a competitive edge to MSMEs. Understandings of IP assets of trade-marks and industrial designs may provide companies with the ability to differentiate their products, to segment markets, to create brand image, to find niche markets, to target specific customer groups and to obtain exclusivity over the commercial use of a mark or design that may be the main selling point of a new or improved product or service.

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