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e-Bright: Transfer Pricing courses are finally out

post Thursday August 1, 2013


e-Bright transfer pricing courses are now available, from August 1. You might or might not have been following e-Bright Learning, but if you’re interested in transfer pricing you will be pleased to know that complete and accessible transfer pricing education has finally come. One of few transfer pricing online course options available, e-Bright currently has one of the most thorough transfer pricing course portfolios in the market, and boasts very competitive pricing, with courses priced as low as € 150. It also contributes significantly to the general access to knowledge on a topic that is considered to have very little knowledge transfer.

e-Bright Learning has been online for over a month, but only now are the courses becoming available for purchase, one by one. Currently, four different courses are exposed on, but more are still to come according to the firm’s representatives. The available courses fill different knowledge needs of transfer-pricing enthusiasts and specialists, and the first one is now available. The beginners come first: a basic course, Transfer Pricing - Fundamentals, provides initiation on the topic and is made for those without any previous transfer pricing experience. The Complex course dives further into the transfer pricing world following up on the Fundamentals course, and therefore assumes previous knowledge of all the matters introduced in that course; it is expected to be released in September. The Topics course is the most varied and most advanced one, aiming to instruct the student on specific topics he or she wishes to gain more knowledge on, including the handling of intangibles and IPR, international taxation best practices and others themes important to the high-end transfer pricing professional. Finally, the Industry Specifics course brings more information to those who want to specialize in an industry, either for their firm’s needs or to offer specialized transfer pricing consultancy. The Topics course will be released in Autumn time whereas the Industry Specifics course is expected before the end of the year.

The course information and available materials for e-Bright courses are made by renowned transfer pricing professionals with extensive international experience and transfer pricing practice in several industries. To further promote its expertise on transfer pricing, e-Bright is offering a 10 day free trial so the new customers may experience the course of their choice first-hand before committing to the purchase. Try it for free! Go to


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