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Poland's Minister Calls for Increased IP Protection

post Tuesday July 9, 2013

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In a recent decision that has the potential to lead towards effective intellectual property reform, Poland’s Minister of Culture and National Heritage has demanded that the Minister of Justice establishes IP courts to increase the protection of intellectual property rights in the country.

Bogdan Zdrojweski (Minister of Culture and National Heritage) has asked that Marek Biernacki (Minister of Justice) creates a system to more effectively protect intellectual property and intangibles in the eastern European country. Additionally, Zdrojzweski expects for the ministry of justice to begin the integration of the intellectual property system into the current courts and judicial mechanisms. Within the future plans that Zdrojweski has for the ministry of justice, there would be new members of each court that would function to strictly help with the protection of intellectual property. These entities would act as a subgroup or department of a court and would regulate and handle all IP related cases that are related to their jurisdiction.

The system that Bogdan Zdrojweski is proposing has the potential to radically improve the protection of intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents and copyright protected assets. If this IP reform takes place, we can anticipate that the Polish economy will potentially see a variety of business activities increase and possibly reap the benefits of IP being located in Poland. This effort from Minister Zdrojweski is in line with former Soviet bloc countries who are now seeking to diversify their economies and attract foreign direct investment and more business activity in their region. It is also very likely that there will be more countries that follow Poland’s lead and seek to bolster their reputation and systems for protecting intellectual property as a way to encourage internal innovation and increase in the economic actions that take place.

Source: IP-Watch

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