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e-Bright: a new transfer pricing e-learning platform

post Thursday July 4, 2013


E-Bright, a new web learning platform exclusively dedicated to transfer pricing, has arrived. With an initial offer of three different courses, E-Bright offers in-depth instruction for transfer pricing beginners and experts alike, including industry-specific transfer pricing knowledge. The initial course offering is only the beginning of more educational options to be available in a web platform that fills a requirement for transfer pricing knowledge sharing. Courses are also available for individuals and companies.

Young and dynamic, and more than an organization directed toward teaching, e-Bright is a proactive organization committed to stay on top of the news and always informed on its learning topics. The platform provides dynamic features such as online material and easy progress monitoring. As a learning platform, e-Bright focuses on fast and effective results for its students, transferring years of professional knowledge onto the minds of both starting and experienced professionals, becoming a much needed gap-closer in between the academic world and the transfer pricing professional market.

E-Bright was born from the expertise of its partner transfer pricing specialist – Transfer Pricing Associates. Leveraging the ample transfer pricing knowledge of TPA, E-Bright brings theoretical principles, but also vast market information gathered from the experience of a specialised transfer pricing firm and its international partnerships. Transfer Pricing Associates is part of the TPA Global Group, an internationally renowned consort of many tax and transfer pricing firms worldwide, some of which have inclusively won several international awards as recognition of their first-rate practices.

Transfer pricing has, for a long time, been a topic reserved for the specialists with little information to go by. E-Bright conveys the learning opportunity that many have been waiting for in order to enhance their performance as tax advisors or accounting specialists, to become transfer pricing specialists or simply to understand more about how to profit on international transactions and better decide on cross-border income allocation.

Want to learn more? Find the course that suits your learning needs on and try 10 days free with the Demo course!

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