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Weekly Roundup of IP News

post Monday July 1, 2013


Intellectual Property creation witnessing steady growth in India: Report

NEW DELHI: The country's contribution to Intellectual Property (IP) creation is witnessing a steady growth however, investments in R&D and patent activities in the country are still relatively slow when compared to developed nations, a report says.

Medicines Patent Pool Signs New Licence Agreements

The Medicines Patent Pool, Shilpa Medicare, and Gilead Sciences have signed an agreement to increase access to HIV treatment medicines. The agreement will allow Shilpa Medicare to manufacture “five key HIV medicines for sale in 100-112 countries,” and the goal is to cover “a majority of people living with HIV.”

Intellectual Property: A Key Driver of our Economy

Innovation and creativity have always been the foundation of our economy, and effective enforcement of intellectual property rights enables us to promote economic growth, ensure our global competitiveness, and protect the health and safety of our citizens.

Safeguarding intellectual property rights key to competing globally

Intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks relevant to cutting-edge technologies are undoubtedly the source of the international competitiveness of the nation’s industries.

White House updates intellectual property strategy

The Obama administration is releasing a new strategy to protect ideas and prevent counterfeit goods from spreading online and spilling across the border.

US Gives Boost To Materials Genome Initiative

The Obama administration and academic and industry partners today announced their commitment to support the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI), a public-private endeavor whose aim is to reduce the time required to develop novel materials that can “fuel advanced manufacturing and bolster the 21st century American economy.”

Articles from IPR Plaza this week:

US representatives Urge IP Protection in India

As intellectual property rights and protection continue to become more prominent for governments and policy makers, the importance of intellectual property policy will become even more influential in international relations.

Growth in the Importance of IP for Indian Companies

Recently, Mumbai Angel investors and Inolyst became business partners. The aim of their partnership is to make Indian companies more strategic regarding IP aspects in their companies and equip them to become capital-efficient.

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Signs of Health in the IP Industry

The IP Industry is showing real signs of health. The Patent Attorney Job Board has a steady increase in job opportunities for patent / trade mark attorneys and IP Lawyers. The great thing with this is, the large percentage of new vacancies have been through growth rather than just replacement. This is a nice change from the downsizing which occurred a few years back. The main growth areas are ANZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Middle East and the UK. We have found that firms are feeling more confident and generating more business requiring additional staff. Interestingly, we have had firms give preference to employing attorneys with out portable business as they have problems keeping up with their current volume of work. How things change.

Geplaatst door David Crofts op Thursday 4 July 2013