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Samsung Vs Apple: Who will win the battle?

post Thursday May 31, 2012

 Ever since the success of the Apple iPhone, few companies have been able to supersede it. Samsung however, has been trying hard. With their Samsung SII phone and its most recent successor the SIII, they have surely not been lagging.


Looking at the unit sales for the first quarter of 2012, Apple sold approximately 37 million iPhones vs. 44 million phones sold by Samsung. To date, Samsung is estimated to have sold some 93 million phones since the start of this year. With $30 billion dollars in sales revenue this quarter, it is safe to say that the smartphone unit is the dominating division, having contributed 50% of those sales. The same goes for the iPhone, contributing more than half of Apple’ sales turnover (approximately $16 billion).

The story, however, is not the same when looking at the tablet sector, here Samsung is not a worthy opponent to the Apple iPad.

From rivalry in the smartphone market, to rivalry in the court rooms, the war between Samsung and Apple does not appear to be setting any time soon.

[Source: Apple en Samsung gaan samen nek-aan-nek, NRC weekend blad]

Image courtesy  of: Talk android

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