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Well-known companies like Zara and Samsung are used as examples to illustrate how to optimize IP management to make the most out of your business and its assets. Every case study examines at an in-depth level how a particular company manages its IP and what differentiates the company from other competitors and the rest of the industry. The case studies analyse the company’s business model and strategy, as well as the company’s most important intangibles and where they are embedded in the supply chain. How the company protects and manages its intangibles is also be evaluated at length in order to provide tangible ways to improve other businesses. The companies that are evaluated differentiate themselves from their competitors by their resourceful IP management. Each case study has a quiz to test your knowledge.

The case study on Zara is free to the public. Please contact us if you are interested in case studies on other well-known companies, such as Nike, Samsung, General Electric, Philips, Wal-Mart, Walt Disney, and Virgin.

Zara: A Case of Rapid-Fire Fast Fashion Strategy

This case study looks at how Zara managed to become the pioneer of speed and flexibility in
the fashion retail industry by efficiently putting total control over every part of the business
from design, through production to distribution.

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